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Moriyal - Detour


Noobish Records is proud to announce US-based music producer Moriyal's first track on the label in 2020. This track will make you want to put on your dancing shoes!


Release Date: 03 Apr. 2020

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Yenn - Jaunt


Yenn takes us on an excursion with his upcoming progressive-electro fusion called Jaunt. It is comprised of two main leitmotifs which, on the one hand, represent “home”, and on the other, “the unknown”. The first part, home, is a Deadmau5'esque tribute to the sound Joel introduced some 15 years ago along with Adam K. The second part, the unknown (kicking in after the breakdown), is a pure melodic and rhythmic adventure: a jaunt into oriental territory.


Release Date: 17 Apr. 2020

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