At Noobish Records, we care:

We are first and foremost people who care about the individual artist and her/his music.


We stand for transparency:

At Noobish, artists get paid and get answers to their emails. Our musicians aren’t being left in the dark and know exactly how we run things, and what our release schedule is.


We stand for quality and good music:

We are artists, musicians and performers ourselves, and have, among others, two prerequisites that are important for running a music record label: we have good taste and are open minded. We use this to our advantage by picking only the best tunes for our releases.


This is our style:

We like many genres and are generally open to everything, but at Noobish we concentrate on electronic music with well-written melodies, heavy beats and nice drops, which should cover quite a large spectrum of styles. Here are some artists we like: Deadmau5, Lane 8 and Purple Haze.


We are:

Yannick Ciancanelli



Rici Kuna

Partner, Manager

Sharing Is Caring