Post Stellar Corpse Remix:


On September 7th, Noobish Records released Yenn’s second artist album called ‘You’.


Various talented artists are now on board to remix his album's best tracks, and we are proud to announce that, among others, non other than Tim Iron joined our roster (as played by Above & Beyond, Shane54 and Max Freegrant).

Preorder: 21.12.2018

Release date: 04.01.2019

Yenn's second artist album 'You' is OUT NOW:


Yenn is back, stronger than ever! The talented Luxembourgish electronic music producer has come to deliver a brand new album, released on his record label Noobish Records. It is filled with gems created in a clever manner, minutely crafted to bring you a unique auditory experience. From the deeply melancholic piano piece “You” to the uplifting song “So Electric”, which features lead vocals by Yenn himself, the album comes as a diverse, cross-genre, 11 track release that includes a wide range of styles. Tune in now and immerse yourself in this masterpiece!

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So Electric is Yenn’s first time singing on one of his own tracks! This is the second single out of Yenn's upcoming studio album and has been chosen as this year’s official e-Lake festival anthem. Sing along: Oh yeah, we are so electric!

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Released on his birthday, Colors is the first revealed single out of Yenn's upcoming studio album. It has been chosen as the official e-Lake festival anthem of the year 2017 and comes in typical Yenn flavor. Smooth, happy but yet melancholic chords drive a progressive arrangement that leaves no room for boredom and causes uplifting emotions to rise as the track goes on. It is the perfect recipe for a summer outdoor event! 

Yenn's latest production is what happens when you fuse trance with electro house. Enjoy!

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OHOA, the new dance floor killer by Yenn and Artem Fortiz. Grab, do it.

Bomb alert! Newcomer Bonker impresses with his debut release. A high quality banger belonging into your digital DJ bag. Let the crowd go nuts!