OUT NOW: Yenn - Dark Brassier


Welcome to Yenn’s dark side. Dark Brassier’s rhythmic percussion and bass blend in perfectly with its electro lines and sinister trance leads. This track will keep on pushing you onward and onward…and onward!


OUT NOW: Ian Fever - Hold On


Noobish Records is proud to welcome back Luxembourg-based electronic music producer Ian Fever with his new single 'Hold On'. 


OUT NOW: Ash Vix - All Of Me


Noobish Records is proud to announce the first track of Inda-based electronic music producer Ash Vix in 2020 on the label.



OUT NOW: Yenn - Out In The Woods


Yenn is going totally crazy with this one and keeps on surprising us with his freshly unique music. “Out in the Woods” sounds like tribal house with classic PvD trance elements, and the more you listen to this very unusual combination, the more it makes sense. So, get out of your comfort zones and out your neighborhoods, Yenn is here but not alone; he brought “Out of the Woods”. (Oh yes, it rhymes).


OUT NOW: Yenn - Serenity (The Remixes)


Almi, Ash Vix, Dj Sinestro, Mauricio Morkun and Moriyal  take on Yenn's Serenity and make it their own by instilling their personality into this fine remix release.


OUT NOW: Almi - Better Days


It's January 2020, and the brilliant Luxembourgish producer Almi starts it with a heart-warming, ingenious trance track. A must-listen!


 OUT NOW: Yenn - Let's Dig


Yenn starts off the new decade with his latest track “Let’s Dig”, a blend of electro, techno, and progressive house. Can you dig it? You sure can.




OUT NOW: Winter 2020 Compilation


Enjoy Winter 2020 with an excellent track selection from our label.

Artists: Almi, Chimp Disco, David Menezes, Divine X, Mine & ND Catani, Normal High, Yenn.



 OUT NOW: New Year's Eve 2019 Compilation


Noobish Records is happy about its successful year 2019 and is pleased to deliver another excellent compilation to start right into the new year 2020. Enjoy!

Featured artists: Almi, Coldbeat, Dj L, Jay Jacob, Moriyal, Refracture, TweenHouse, Vodge Diper, Yenn.




OUT NOW: Yenn - You (Almi Remix)


Brilliant Luxembourgish producer Almi is back on board to remix Yenn's instrumental piece "You” and remakes it into a peaceful, uplifting progressive house track. A must-listen!




OUT NOW: Best Of 2019 Compilation


2019 is almost over but we got one more treat for you. Listen to Noobish Records’ finest artists on our Best of 2019 Compilation!

Artists: Yenn, Almi, TweenHouse, Moriyal, Ash Vix, John Berg, firastical, ND Catani, Tim Iron, Dj Sinestro, Francesco Sambero.


OUT NOW: Yenn - You & Me EP


Yenn’s latest release is what comes out when you add chillout to lo-fi vibes. Enjoy this EP by wandering to the depths of what it means to be you, and to be me.


OUT NOW: Fall 2019 Compilation


Enjoy Fall 2019 with an excellent track selection from our label Noobish Records.


Artists on board are:

Ash Vix, Dj L & Jay Jaycob, Dotkom a.k.a. #marshmello , Mikkey Cat & STEREO HAZARD!, Mine, Moriyal, Vic Miranda, Yenn

OUT NOW: firastical - Magic Comes After The Rain


This will be another great EP by Japanese electronic music producer 'firastical'! The EP is much calmer than his last releases on the label but nevertheless, his melodic touch is warm and very enjoyable.


OUT NOW: Halloween 2019 Compilation


It's the spookiest time of the year again, so enjoy an excellent track selection from our label Noobish Records.

 Artists: Artem Fortiz, Ash Vix,  David Menezess & Cheb Five, Meyerson, ND Catani, Refracture, Yenn


OUT NOW: Dj Sinestro - What The Future


 Dj Sinestro is an India-based electronic music producer. 'What The Future' is his first single release on our record label, Noobish Records.


OUT NOW: Best Of Electro House 2012 - 2019


Enjoy the best electro house tracks from 2012 till 2019 released by Noobish Records. 

Artists: Almi, Ruling Toys, Yenn, Artem Fortiz, Chimp Disco, H4zardous, Refracture, Jay Jacob, David Menezes, Steklo



OUT NOW: Ash Vix - Voices In My Head EP


We are proud to announce  Ash Vix 's first EP 'Voices In My Head' on Noobish Records.

Listen to his latest Noobish Records release here:

Ash Vix - Voices In My Head EP



Noobish Records is proud to announce the first release of US-based music producer Moriyal on our label. Combining different electronic music genres is one of his astonishing arsenal of skills!




We are proud to announce our 'Summer 2019' compilation on July 19.

Including music from the likes of: Yenn, Almi, John Berg, Ash Vix, firastical, TheElement, Artem Fortiz and Vodge Diper, Jay Jacob.


Let the summer begin!




Noobish Records is proud to announce the first release of TweenHouse on our label. The pure electro banger 'Do It' is sure to be a reliable weapon for any set!





Ash Vix is an India-based electronic music producer. 'Echoes' is his first single release on our record label, Noobish Records.